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The Wilde Weekly: Processing Fear Easily

The Wilde Weekly: Processing Fear Easily

by: Stuart Wilde Fear is a terrible affliction, it cripples your ability to think clearly and act decisively. Some low-level fear is ok, it acts as a warning signal but constant fear turns one into a zombie, an automaton easily manipulated. Here’s how you fix it. All fear comes from loss or the perception in […]

The Tao Philosophy of Detachment

The Tao Philosophy of Detachment by Stuart Wilde – December 15, 2012 – Eternal Tao / Nature Spirits   The Taoist philosophy aligns to the spirit of nature and its purity. When I first started my journey I studied with a Taoist teacher. He emphasized the central Taoist philosophy of detachment, which he said was […]

Currency Devaluation, War and the Price of Gold

Stuart Wilde with Gerald Celente: New Video (9.05 mins) of Stuart Wilde www. with Gerald Celente of the Trends Journal talking about the currency wars, and possible global wars and the price of gold. Fascinating interview. If Readers can share this to their social sites it would help get the word out…thank you,  Stuart […]

The Presence of Higher Beings

by: Stuart Wilde New Age folk talk of spirit guides. Their belief comes from the fact they believe they are guided from other worlds. Sometimes they believe there is a kindly relative in the sprit world helping, akin to the Native American belief in a dead grandfather or grandmother as a spirit guide. In my […]

Journeys to the Deepest Worlds

Journeys to the Deepest Worlds

by Stuart Wilde – January 28, 2013 Sometimes I travel with the Aluna soldiers and visionaries down to the deepest hell worlds, where the beings are very ancient and very evil; they are various manifestations of deformed monsters, grotesque, and dead humans, not a pretty sight! Some date back to the time of Sumer 4000 […]

The Wilde Weekly: Ballet Lessons

  I went to the ballet the other night; it taught me a lesson. The softness and grace, and the gentle femininity of it was such a contrast to the harsh world outside. It was like a meditation, the pitter-patter of warm rain on a dry soul. Our world has been built by men and […]

The New Dignity

In a world that is degrading in its moral standards and the treatment of others, we seek to discover a new dignity-not a pomposity or a grand, vainglorious stance, but a silent composure that speaks of one who is strong and well versed in his or her understanding of the eternal Tao and the way […]

The Wilde Weekly: The Mysterious Gardener

A tale about your silent power. “When bronze and jade fill your hall, It can no longer be guarded. Wealth and place breed insolence, That brings ruin in its train. When your work is done, then withdraw! Such is Heaven’s Way.” – Tao Te Ching Many years ago in old China, there were a group […]

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